Lumen Night Light Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser


Ultrasonic aroma diffusers are the most modern, effective and popular type of aroma diffusers. Portable bedside aroma diffuser Lumen freshens air by diffusing aroma mixtures in the air.

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Ultrasonic aroma diffusers are the most modern, effective and popular type of aroma diffusers. Portable bedside aroma diffuser Lumen freshens air by diffusing aroma mixtures in the air. Soothing light emitting through decorative night pattern makes it a perfect night light for your or your kids room. Minimum noise level allows you to enjoy your sleep and calm your mind

It is completely safe and has several safety certification.

According to research data, aroma diffusers:

  • Reduce the content of radioactive dust in the air by 25%;
  • Reduce the intensity of bad smells (tobacco, pets);
  • Increase the level of humidity in the room;
  • Eliminate electrostatic discharges;
  • Keep the skin young;


Modern oil diffusers can be a beautiful addition in your house. Aroma diffusers can also benefit your wellness and overall mood.
Lotus Inner Balance




Boost Energy


Spa Relax


Respiratory System


Mental Clarity


1.Remove the lid,

2.Plug the power cable

3.Pour water and essential oil into the reservoir

4.Press the mist button to turn on the diffuser.

Important notes: The diffuser must be installed on a flat surface. It is recommended to use distilled or room temperature water. Do not use corrosive liquids!

Water (120-140 ml) is filled with a special water container. Steam intensity can be different depending on the properties of the water that is being used (pH level, temperature), it can also depend on the direction of airflow in the room.

Note: If you are intolerant or allergic to essential oils, please consult with a doctor first.

Aroma oil is not included in the kit, but we offer a wide variety of aroma and essential oils in our store. You can check them here.


Model White: K-H100W, Green: K-H100G,  Pink: K-H100P Output DC 24V/0.65A
Capacity 150ml Power Max 10W
Material PP+ABS, PVC Mist ~30ml/h
Size 108*120mm Area ~10-15m2
Weight ~200g Noise <35dB(A)
Input 100V-240V AC Frequency 2.4MHz


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