How Does Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser Work

Ultrasound vibrations transform water and essential oil into a tiny particles generating a mist. Ultrasound technology sprays mist evenly and the essential oil does not undergo aggressive heating (as in an aroma lamp with a candle or other heating devices), which keeps the natural properties of essential oil. Ultrasound oil diffusers use the latest technology, which has gone a long way in scientific study and testing in an effort to learn how to achieve the most beneficial results.

How does an ultrasonic aroma diffuser work?
When you turn on the ultrasound aromadiffuser, it starts creating vibrations at a specific frequency in the water tank. This causes the water to rise and produce steam. However, it is a special steam, the size of the steam particles are much smaller than those that could have been made by boiling a water. As steam begins to rise, ultrasound disengages the bubbles in order to form an incredibly small vapor. The same technology goes for if you would add essential oil into the water. The oil is split delicately and accurately in the water.

Some of the advantages of an ultrasonic aroma diffuser:

– Makes the air much cleaner

– The aroma that is sprayed in the room remains for a long time

– There are no problems with the concentration of aroma in the air – it is evenly distributed

– Safe to use. Doesn’t require fire or heat.

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